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The British medical journal Lancet has published some startling – but welcome – news. A clinical trial of a high-risk treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) was so successful with some patients that researchers are daring to mention the word “cure.”


Read the abstract from Lancet


Read the article in Consumer Affairs

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The Well Spouse® Association (WSA) is not a social service agency and we do not represent ourselves as professional providers of advice, counseling or referrals. We are solely a peer-led, mutual-aid, self-help support organization.

Statements made by members of WSA are the statements of lay people and peers, of struggling spousal caregivers who have affiliated in their common need to feel connected, consoled and encouraged.

Furthermore, such statements are merely personal expressions and opinions and are not intended to direct, instruct or guide anyone who contacts WSA.

The Well Spouse® Association offers moderated forums, blogs and chatlines for on-site use by members and retains the right to remove members who violate the rules for these venues.  Please note, off-site interactions between members and others are not, by definition, the province of the WSA.

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