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    If you are looking for a support group near you,

    or any other Well Spouse Association service,

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  • SpousalCaregiving

    Are you a husband, wife or partner looking after a spouse or partner with chronic illness and/or long-term disability?

    Do you feel alone in your spousal caregiving?

    Do you feel no one really gets what you are going through?

    Or do you know someone else who fits this description?

    If so, you (or that person) are a spousal caregiver, and the WSA's twin mottos: "You Are Not Alone" and "When One is Sick... Two Need Help" say it all!

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  • SupportGroups

    Our twin mottoes say it all:

    "You Are Not Alone" and "When One is Sick, Two Need Help"

    WSA support includes face-to-face support groups, respite events, and conferences; an online forum; peer mentors, and so much more.

    Find Support Groups in your area

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  • Stories

    "Walk a mile in our shoes" -- WSA members have many stories to tell.

    Such as "Confessions of a Well Spouse," it begins: "From my last entry (regarding my faith): 'But for His Grace I go...and as long as He allows me to see Him in the smallest of details, I will trust Him to get me through whatever happens.'

    I look for God in the smallest places now. As my husband spends his days waiting for the largest of miracles he will need, I have spent mine trying to grab hold of anything that will steady me on this unsteady path.

    Sometimes I have to look harder than others. In the last few days I realized that sometimes I will have to look with my heart instead of my eyes."

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  • JoinWSA

    Spousal caregivers differ from other family caregivers in their caregiving experience:

    * Loss of intimacy in the relationship
    * Long-term lack of recognition by themselves and others that they are caregivers
    * Long-term adherence to marital confidentiality - "Don't ask, don't tell"
    * Loss of equality and balance in the relationship
    * Isolation from friends, family, and workmates

    Why join? We've got your back -- the Well Spouse® Association offers the spousal caregiver the chance to regain their balance and catch a second wind in their caregiver journey. Our twin mottoes say it all: "You are not alone" and "When one is sick, two need help."

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Support for Spousal Caregivers

Providing peer support and education about the special challenges and unique issues facing "well" spouses every day.