Tell Congress we want Single Payer Health Care!

We congratulate President Obama and Congress for passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to start the difficult process of reviving our economy.  But now, it's time to enact the big changes that Americans voted for, and ignore obstructionism.

The first big change should be Single Payer Health Care.  The latest poll shows Americans prefer government health insurance to private insurance by 59%-32%. That's because private insurance has failed.  There are nearly 50 million US citizens with no health coverage at all, and at least 18,000 of them die unnecessarily each year as a result. Millions more have inadequate insurance coverage.

Rep. John Conyers has been  leading the fight for Single Payer Health Care for decades with H.R. 676, the "Medicare For All" Bill .   I urge you to use the link and read the provisions of this bill.  It would cut administrative waste, cover all Americans, provide catastrophic coverage, eliminate pre-existing lockouts AND STILL ALLOW YOU TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN DOCTORS AND TREATMENT.

Please urge your Representatives and Senators to support H.R. 676 by sending them a letter (see sample below).: Click here to find contact information for your elected representaive and senators.
Our elected officials will only act on this matter is they hear from enough people.  Please help spousal caregivers - indeed, all caregivers- by bringing attention to this matter.
Thanks for all you do!
Larry Bocchiere
Legislative Affairs 
Sample Letter:

Honorable Mr.(Ms.) __________,
I am a caregiver for my spouse facing the overwhelming cost of medical care on a daily basis.  Waste and profiteering compete for the dollars so desperately needed to maintain life and health.

(Insert a personal story here:  my husband was denied treatment because his condition was determined to be pre-existing - my wife has health insurance but the co-payments total $1500 per month - etc.)

I urge you to support HR 676 or its companion legislation in the Senate, and would appreciate a reply from your office.