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Almost 6 million people in the US care for an ill or disabled partner
Chronic illness changes relationships. When spouses or partners transition to caregiver and patient roles, they often face the loss of that singular intimate relationship and the companionship it brings. Spousal caregivers spend more hours caregiving each week, doing more intense tasks, and with less outside assistance, than other types of caregivers. The financial impacts of caregiving are different for well spouses from other types of caregivers too - often the partner with illness and the caregiver must give up paid employment (at the same time that expenses increase due to medical costs). Caregiving for your wife, husband, or partner impacts the decision to have children, the way children are raised, and where and how one lives, works, and retires. There are few areas of life that are left untouched by the caregiver/patient role in partnered relationships. Well Spouse Association provides support and resources to people of all ages who care for partners with chronic illness or disability. We provide support whether you feel like a caregiver or not. We are an inclusive and welcoming community - no matter your age, partnership arrangement, sexuality, orientation, gender, or religious beliefs.

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WSA addresses the unique challenges that well spouses face every day


Learning that you are not alone

WSA's network of more than 25 monthly peer support groups and our online support groups connect you to others who understand what you're going through.

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Creating opportunities to meet other members

We host a number of events each year for members, including webinars, respites , and our annual conference - to bring well spouses together.

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Sharing our stories

Our Mainstay newsletters give you a voice. We advocate for change with policymakers and share research opportunities with our members.

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"Some of the best advice for caregivers will come from other caregivers."

-New York Times

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