Fundraiser - Gift Card

How Would You Like To Pay Only $10 For a $25 Restaurant Bill?

With WSA's newest fundraiser, you can do just that!

We are selling $25 gift cards for $10.  They are redeemable online for certificates to over 10,000 restaurants across the U.S.  They never expire, and can be divided among several restaurants.  To see the participating restaurants near you, visit their website. 

Well spouses deserve a break with someone else doing the cooking and serving!  Treat yourself to this great deal and help WSA at the same time. These cards also make great gifts! 

Here's how it works:                                                                                 

Go to, type in your zipcode, and see which of your local restaurants are participating. If they interest you, contact Dorothy to buy a card for $10 which buys you $25 of food! Once she sends you the card, you log on to their site and buy certificates for your chosen restaurants, that you present when paying for your meal.

These also make great gifts as they are good at over 10,000 restaurants around the country.

Contact Dorothy about purchasing a card or to ask a question about this win-win deal.  WSA makes $5 on each card we sell.