From Vicky from CT

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful article. It helped me to read it this morning. I am caring for my husband of 25 years. He has MS (Multiple Sclerosis). His disease has progressed in the last 5 years to being completely wheelchair bound and requiring help with everything. this article is just what I needed to read today . . . sometimes I wonder if I am going crazy because I swear I can hear him calling me when he is sleeping or not needing me and I have to stop what I am doing and check on him only to find that he didn't call me . . . so it was very good for me to hear about that happening to someone else. Thank you so much for all you do.

From Lisa from MA

I joined WSA 2 years ago and have found your newsletter every month helpful in knowing I am not alone. My husband had suffered a stroke at the age of 40. Due to the stroke he now suffers from aphasia and a seizure disorder. We have 2 young sons and have found it very difficult at times. Especially myself being a caretaker, making decisions and also being his patient advocate. I do find it very helpful getting the newsletter every month as I feel I am not the only one going through this at such a young age. I just thought I would share my story with you. And look forward to getting my next newsletter.

From Carole from GA

I am so glad to be a member of the WSA. Just reading the newsletter helps me feel connected to others in a similar situation. Thank you for your help.

From Mary Jane, NJ

Wow! What a newsletter! This issue says so much about caregiving and the commitment demanded of the caregiver. I recently met with a relative in another state who asked me as she does every time we meet (at weddings or, more often lately, funerals) if I'm working. Caught off guard, I usually just say that I'm not. I'd love to tell her about my 17 hour days caring for my husband and see if she asks the same question next time we meet. Don't know what I would do without Well Spouse and the wonderful friends I have made.

From Marie from MD

I took the Mainstay with me to a stress test. I thought this was the perfect place to read it. I can™t tell you how much it means to me. I am a member and receive your newsletter. I am currently helping my neighbor whose husband is now in the same room as my husband “ they will never be coming home from this geriatric center. Thank you, thank you for being there. You are wonderful and God Bless you for being there.

From Connie from TX

Your organization could help my husband from self defeating thoughts. He is a good man who has doubted his ability to persevere through my diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Please send me a Mainstay as I can see it could be a lifesaver. Thank you for working for this worthwhile cause.