From Mary from NJ

It was so nice being with all of you at the WSA meeting last night. This is not a new observation, I know, but it seems there is nothing like a tragedy or a reversal in life to bring out the 'realness' in people, and their strengths.

From Susan from NY

My husband died after a courageous struggle with Parkinsons Disease for 28 years. He was a founder and the leader of the local Parkinsons Support Group. And, I must tell you how very grateful I am to the Well Spouse® Association for helping me manage and get through the difficult times and for the friends I have made there.

From Sharon from CA

While only having been a member for less than a year, I must say that I began to feel better soon after my first meeting. I had been angry about my situation at home and felt I had to talk with someone. Then I read a blurb about Well Spouse® Association in our weekly local paper. In the first meeting I learned it's o.k. to be angry, frustrated, sad, etc. It was a relief to know that others have similar problems and how they deal with them. I learned to do more things for ME, and that has freed me greatly.

From Ellen from NY

It's been 28 years since my husband first became ill, and I have gone from wife to care partner to caregiver. I joined Well Spouse more than 20 years ago and have found the support group and newsletter invaluable in helping me to navigate the wide range of emotions that I have experienced as well as to know that I am not alone or unique.

From Marilyn from PA

My husband had a stroke and then dementia/Alzheimer's disease. I looked after him for 7 years at home, then he entered long term care for the next 7. He died 6.5 years ago. I met Maggie when she was invited to speak to Hope and Cope (a cancer care facility). Thank you for that night, Maggie, for helping me come to the first meeting at King of Prussia and for helping me keep my sanity during the ensuing years.

From Karen from NC

I am pleased to send you this link to the newspaper story about my new Well Spouse® group in our local newspaper. I thought the coverage was great and the journalist did an exceptional job with such a sensitive subject matter. I love Well Spouse®. It has been a life saver for me. My phone rang off of the hook today. I have heard from people I have not talked to in years and I have had calls from people interested in joining our group. I am so excited!!!!!!!! Thanks for all you do to make Well Spouse® a safe place for us.

From Dorothy from VA

One benefit of a support group is that it can help create a safety net for caregivers who arrive feeling very alone , weary, and vulnerable. The emotional support is immediately and generously exchanged, but often more tangible support is given also. We learn from each other about available resources, validate each other's feelings when we are second-guessing ourselves, encourage each other to take time out for ourselves to recharge, and even manage to laugh together.