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In a continuing effort to save our members money, and to provide some needed revenue for WSA we have entered into an agreement with GroupOn, a discount service offered locally nationwide. 

GroupOn has daily deals for most localities in America, offered for items you may very well purchase at full price now. I have purchased food ($4 for $8 worth of hamburgers - $5 for $10 worth of Dairy Queen, $15 for $30 gift card at restaurant), car services, dry cleaning, produce, and have seen myriad other items such as SPA days, haircuts, travel opportunities, computer services, house cleaning, cosmetic surgery, gym memberships, etc. The list is varied and endless - changing daily.

When you click on the link you will be taken to a daily deals page. You can customize that page to reflect deals in your home area.

I highly recommend this site and urge you to review it. We do not ask that you purchase anything you do not need, but that if there is something you need anyway you might as well purchase it through GroupOn and benefit WSA at the same time.

Many of our members already use GroupOn, and now it works with non-profits to return a portion of future purchases to the host site -- WSA.. To get  that benefit for WSA you must use the GroupOn Link (banners/click12.html)

Happy deals and thanks for helping WSA!