About the Book

Caring for a parent, spouse or aging relative is one of the most noble human activities.  It is also one of the most stressful, posing challenges that can be painful, confusing and deeply rewarding - sometimes all at once.


When Caregiving Calls is an invitation to a deep conversation about caregiving and it's meaning to you.

In these eighteen brief and thoughtful chapters, you will:

     Explore how caregiving reshapes your family relationships and stresses your ability to manage your time, energy and emotions.

     See how a loved ones changing state can lead to growing vulnerability, need and loneliness on the part of the care receiver and caregiver alike.

     Read the true stories that vividly capture the daily realities of caregiving.

     Engage in questions for reflections to evaluate the impact that caregiving is having on you personally and prioritize things you can change.

Family caregivers come from all walks of life.  Family caregiving cuts across race, religion, national origin, age and the rest of the social identities that pervade our media today.

At the same time, family caregivers may feel as if they are almost invisible because their needs are often overlooked.  Their sacrifices are significant.  Their lives can be transformed in unanticipated ways while they are caring for their loved one.

"Over the past twenty years, I have been a family caregiver, I have supported family caregivers and I have studied caregiving as a phenomenom of social science," Dr. Blight said.  "I wrote When Caregiving Calls: Guidance as You Care for a Parent, Spouse or Aging Relative to help family caregivers by validating their experiences and guiding them through their individual care-related circumstances."

The book is written in an easy, conversational style and it contains chapters addressing the physical, mental, relationship and emotional realities of caregiving.  Each chapter concludes with questions prompting the caregiver to reflect upon the material and write about their personal caregiving experience.  At the end of the book, the caregiver is invited to review what has been learned and create prioritized action steps for the future.

"When caregivers do better, care receivers also do better," Dr. Blight observed.  "I hope this book benefits you and your loved one."

Dr. Blight is a member of the WSA Honorary Board and the founder of Caregiving Kinetics.

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